How to Use ridgid universal miter saw stand

Is the RIDGID universal mobile miter saw stand compatible?

RIDGID introduces the Universal Mobile Miter Saw Stand with Mounting Braces. The stand is compatible with most common miter saws and the utility vehicle sets up in seconds. The stand features an upright folding design for easy storage, set-up and break down.

How much does a Ridgid miter stand weigh?

Personally, I believe the mounting braces are one of the most important features on this RIDGID stand. The mounting braces make this stand very versatile. As far as the weight goes, this miter stand weighs in at 67 pounds.

How long does it take to assemble a Ridgid sliding miter saw?

The saw was ever so slightly out of square when checking with a machinist square. Adjusting the miter gauge was an easy process and the directions in the users manual were easy to follow. The entire process only took five minutes and now the saw is dialed in nicely. Assembly is very simple with only the blade and dust bag needing to be attached.

What can be improved on a miter saw stand?

Things that can be improved upon are the rigidity of the board supports. The support bar is too far offset from the centre line of the support and they tend to hang on an angle instead of straight whitch can screw up the cut. Extra care and attention must be made to ensure that they are locked tightly and are straight.


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