How to Use ridgid worm drive saw

How does the RIDGID worm drive circular saw work?

RIDGID introduces the 15 Amp THRUCOOL 7-1/4 in. Worm Drive Circular Saw. The RIDGID THRUCOOL 7-1/4 in. Worm Drive Saw has upgraded to a THRUCOOL motor to optimize performance. THRUCOOL Motor Technology allows air to flow through the center of the motor and out the sides for more efficient cooling.

What makes a worm drive saw so powerful?

A worm drive saw is a powerful type of circular saw which consists of a motor located at behind the blade. The motor transfers the power to the blade by the means of gears set at certain angle. This arrangement of gears results in less speed — around 4500 RPM and more torque.

Is there a rafter hook on a worm drive circular saw?

Thankfully, a company called Toolhangers Unlimited has come to the rescue and produced a quality spring-loaded retractable rafter hook that fits all word drive circular saws, but more specifically, all Skilsaw worm drive circular saws. Why the need to name-drop Skilsaw, because if you own a worm drive circular saw, it's likely a Skilsaw worm drive.

Which is the best SKILSAW worm drive saw?

The blade used in the SPT70V-11 is specially made by SKILSAW for this saw, avoiding common problems caused by incorrectly-sized blades. You can even screw the top handle to either side of the body, letting you use it with your preferred hand.


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