How to Use ryobi 18v one pole pruner

What kind of Pruner does a Ryobi One use?

The RYOBI ONE+ 18V Telescopic Pole Pruner Attachment equips your RYOBI hedge trimmer (OHT1860S) or pole pruner (OPP1850) to cut branches up to 150mm thick. It has an 8” (200mm) bar. Its 30°-angled head helps you access tricky branches while keeping your weight balanced –...

How tall is the Ryobi opp1820 cordless pole Pruner?

The OPP1820's extendable shaft has a reach of up to 4 metres, which saves you the trouble of using a ladder. Plus, the angled cutting head improves control from the ground, allowing you to effortlessly prune and snip those hard to reach branches in trees, bushes and vines. 20cm Oregon bar and chain for effective pruning and cutting.

Is the Ryobi pole saw cordless or cordless?

This Pole Pruner is part of the ever growing Ryobi 18v One Plus Cordless Range of Tools. This range consists of both Powertools and Garden Tools so whether tinkering in the garden is your hobby or a bit of DIY around the house this collection has something for everyone!

How often do you need to tighten chain on Ryobi pole Pruner?

Have used it about 10 hrs cutting lemon gum and black wattle including dry dead branches and had no problems. It does use a lot if chain oil, but doesnt leak for me unlike others, so you do need to keep a eye on that and the chain need tighten every 15 or 20 mins of use.


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