How to Use saw jig

Why do you want to use a jigsaw?

So, the jigsaw. What is a jigsaw and why would I want to use it? A jigsaw is a tool that’s used to cut thin materials into shapes.

What kind of cuts can you make with a jigsaw?

Uses of Jigsaw. Jigsaws are used nearly to create any types of cuts. Also, it can cut through any type of materials, like wood, ceramic tiles and metal sheets. Later on, you will know that jigsaw have settings that must be adjusted according to the type of cut and the material.

How to use jigsaw puzzles to spice up your lessons?

This introduction game with a jigsaw puzzle is definitely for primary school students. Teachers often introduce themselves by telling their name, hobbies, if they have kids or not, what they like or don’t like and so on. Try to switch things around with a jigsaw activity.

How do you cut wood with a jigsaw saw?

To initiate a cut, place the front of the shoe on the wood and align the blade on the path. Hold the saw firmly with both hands and start the engine at full speed before start the cutting. To make straight cuts parallel to the edge, use the jigsaw parallel guide, it is usually supplied as standard.


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