how to use saw set pliers

When do you use a saw set plier?

Saw set is a term applied to various forms of a tool used in the tuning and sharpening of saw blades. The saw set is used to adjust the set, or distance the saw tooth is bent away from the saw blade. The fastest, most accurate and importantly consistent method of setting is to use saw setting pliers.

How much does a set of pliers cost?

The pliers and cutters feature induction-hardened knives on the cutting edges. We also like that every single tool in this kit is Made in the USA. This pliers set runs around $97 but should get any apprentice up and running with some excellent, long-lasting tools.

Can you put a set of pliers in a tool bag?

For the price, this is OK for a spare set of pliers to throw in a car tool bag. The cutter on all the pliers worked well up to 12ga wire (the largest I had at the moment), and of course, zip ties were no issue. All 4 were of a good size, if you only have one of each at hand when you need them.

What kind of pliers do you use to cut wire?

The lineman pliers works well for gripping, bending, twisting, and cutting wire or cable, while the main purpose of the diagonal pliers is to quickly and effectively cut wire. When it comes to handy tools, the AmazonBasics four-piece pliers set provides a convenient range of go-to essentials. 4-piece pliers set with non-slip handle grips


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