How to Use sawstop brake

How does the brake work on a SawStop?

Basically, the saw detects when the blade comes in contact with something conductive such as your finger. When that happens, the aluminum brake is rammed into the blade stopping the blade’s rotation, saving your fingers. This video shows how it works and you can find additional information, including the owner’s manuals, on the SawStop website.

Are there any alternatives to a SawStop break?

Unlike SawStop—which ruins both blade and brake cartridge—the Bosch flesh-detecting Active Response Technology kills the power and lets the blade coast to a stop safely within the cabinet, preserving it for future use." (My emphasis: a significant improvement over the SawStop break.)

Can a dado brake be used on a SawStop table saw?

The Dado Brake Cartridge stops the spinning blade on contact with skin reducing the chances of a catastrophic injury. It is compatible with all standard 8" dado sets up to 13/16" thick on SawStop saws.

Is there a way to stop a Bosch SawStop?

The blade brake stops the blade in less than 5 milliseconds, but it can damage the blade and must be replaced after each activation. Bosch's REAXX system uses a two-sided cartridge (reportedly based on Bosch's airbag deployment technology) to push the blade below the table while the blade spins down naturally.


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