How to Use sawstop contractor

What can you do with a SawStop contractor saw?

The Contractor Saw is SawStop's most configurable saw with over 150 different arrangements. Some of these upgrades include adding Cast Iron Wings (CNS-CIWA) to create a full cast iron table top, a space saving 27" In-Line Router Table (RT-TGP) or Sliding Crosscut Table Attachment (TSA-SA48). The Contractor Saw is the perfect saw to fit your needs.

How does the SawStop motor safety system work?

The SawStop safety system continuously performs many self-checks to ensure the components of the safety system are working properly. The safety system will not allow the motor to start (or to remain running) unless every component of the safety system is working properly.

What is the manual for a SawStop industrial cabinet saw?

The manual for the SawStop Industrial Cabinet Saw consists of 104 pages and is coil bound. There is a separate manual for the fence system; Adjustments. The SawStop Industrial Cabinet Saw allows you to adjust more than the 45- and 90-degree bevel stops.

Where can I buy a SawStop mobile base?

I purchased the SawStop at my local Woodcraft store. Picked up the one with the 36” T-Glide fence which is most robust. The mobile base works well in my small garage shop. The out feed table attaches and removes easily with three bolts that can be threaded and unthreatened by hand before moving the saw.


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