How to Use sawstop outfeed table

Can a sliding table be used as a SawStop?

The sliding table makes wide crosscuts easy and provides ample support for large panels without the need for roller stands; Though sheet goods are not my favourite, the scoring blade is a useful accessory. SawStop does not offer a saw with one;

Can a table saw support an outfeed table?

There is no way this table saw outfeed table would have worked with the old layout. The main reason I’m making this outfeed table is not necessarily for the table saw. Yes it will serve as an outfeed support but I’m more motivated by the fact that I really don’t have a work bench or a decent place to work on anything.

Is the SawStop mobile base safe to use?

The mobile base works well in my small garage shop. The out feed table attaches and removes easily with three bolts that can be threaded and unthreatened by hand before moving the saw. You cannot move the entire beast with the mobile base when the outfeed table is fastened. The saw is quiet, smooth and most importantly safe.

How does the SawStop in line router table work?

SawStop's lift is pretty beefy underneath with four large screws and a chain drive moving the router up and down. The clamp to hold the router is aluminum, and it clamps on the router motor with a single screw, which makes it quick and easy to get the router in and out.


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