How to Use sawstop pcs

Is the SawStop mobile base safe to use?

The mobile base works well in my small garage shop. The out feed table attaches and removes easily with three bolts that can be threaded and unthreatened by hand before moving the saw. You cannot move the entire beast with the mobile base when the outfeed table is fastened. The saw is quiet, smooth and most importantly safe.

Can a SawStop saw be used as a contractor saw?

All SawStop saws can be made portable to a certain degree. The ultimate in portability is the JobSite Saw, but in the early days before SawStop made the JobSite Saw, the Contractor Saw was the go-to option for portability. The CNS has two mobility options: the Mobile Base and the Mobile Cart.

What kind of Mod do I need for SawStop?

Sawstop PCS with Incra TS-LS and Dust collection mod. After many years of working on a basic Jet JWTS-10 that I got off Cragislist, I finally got a chance to purchase a Sawstop PCS. The saw purchase came after adding a Clear View Cyclone to the shop, but that’s another story.

What's the problem with my SawStop 3HP PC?

I just got my Sawstop 3HP PCS assembled, but now I have two problems. 1) The plug on the end of the power cable (3-prong) doesn’t match the wall receptacle (4-prong) installed by the builder, and 2) the power cord isn’t long enough for me to move the saw out into the middle of the shop.


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