How to Use sawstop pcs175

What are the safety features of a SawStop saw?

SawStop saws offer a safety feature unique in the industry: a braking system that can reduce a potentially severe injury to just a minor cut.

Which is SawStop base assembly with PCs mobile?

The promise of SawStop safety, quality and precision that can travel with you wherever you go. SawStop MB-PCS-IND Industrial Saw Mobile Base Assembly with PCS Mobile ...

How to check the status of a SawStop?

Turning on Main Power and Starting the Motor 43 System Status Codes 45 Using the Blade Guard 48 Using the Riving Knife 50 Using the Miter Gauge 50 Cross-Cutting 52 Using a Fence 53

Why do I have to use bypass mode on my SawStop?

A temporary bypass mode allows you to cut electrically conductive materials, such as very green wood, that can cause false activations. If you’re unsure about a particular piece of stock, you can make test cuts in bypass mode and the safety system’s LEDs will tell you if the material would cause it to trigger when in normal mode.


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