How to Use sawstop sliding table

Which is the best SawStop sliding crosscut table?

Enjoy the finest crosscut experience available with the SawStop Sliding Crosscut Table. This meticulously-engineered table features multiple large bearings for smooth travel under load. Micro-adjust the tracks for smoothness and parallelism. Measure plus or minus 60 degrees with the oversize miter gauge, and includes detents at 15 degree intervals.

Can you add a slider to a SawStop table?

To make these addon sliding units perform as they should, you’ll need to make sure they are level, coplanar, parallel, and square to your saw’s table, blade, and fence. Check compatibility. While most add-ons say they’ll work with the bulk of cabinet saws, SawStop’s Sliding Crosscut Table is designed only for SawStop saws.

Can a sliding table be added to a table saw?

To get the benefits of a slider at a more modest cost in space and cash, you might consider adding an aftermarket sliding table to your current tablesaw. Add-on sliding-table attachments for cabinet saws are available from a number of manufacturers, including Exaktor, Grizzly, King Industrial, SawStop, and Shop Fox.

Why do you need a SawStop table saw?

The included flip stops allow the operator to set measurements for quick, repeatable and accurate cuts. Since 2004, SawStop has revolutionized the table saw industry with a patented safety system that stops the spinning blade on contact with skin.


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