How to Use sawzall saw

What can you do with a Sawzall blade?

Sawzalls have endless uses, from cutting in difficult-to-reach places, to cutting through hard materials that nothing else can penetrate. Change out broken or damaged blades as soon as possible. Unplug the saw, and locate the blade release lever.

Why is a reciprocating saw called a Sawzall?

Pressing the trigger moves the saw blade up and down (the reason it is called a reciprocating saw) to quickly cut through materials. Reciprocating saws are powerful, and able to cut through tough materials like hardwood, masonry, fiberglass, drywall, metals, ceramics, and much more. A Sawzall (Reciprocating Saw) blade cutting through the wood.

What kind of Sawzall do you use to cut plaster?

Wear a dust mask. Some of the old plaster has asbestos in it . Sledge hammer or a pick works well . We use the sawzall with a bi metal blade if we need a clean cut in a corner with wire . The blades last a while . Wear a dust mask. Some of the old plaster has asbestos in it . What kind of plaster do you have that you can cut with a bi-metal blade?

Which is the best Sawzall blade for cast iron?

These 7 TPI blades last several times longer than Milwaukee’s existing carbide teeth reciprocating saw blades. They do it by reducing heat during cutting. The blades contain 25% more Nitrus Carbide per tooth, making them the best SawZall blade for cutting cast iron and soil pipe over and over again.


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