How to Use shop fox w1713 scroll saw

How does a shop Fox w1713 scroll saw work?

Keep your saw running smooth and your shop clean by connecting the 1-1⁄4 inch dust port of your scroll saw to a shop vacuum to keep the wood debris from accumulating underneath the table insert. The W1713 accepts standard plain or pin-end saw blades and is designed to make blade changes easy with the included adapters.

What kind of angle can a shop Fox scroll saw cut?

The Shop Fox Scroll Saw offers the ability to cut at angles from 0-45-degrees with the table tilt mechanism. The table lock knob and tilt scale are used to tilt the table for horizontal angle cuts.

Which is the best scroll saw for woodworking?

WEN 3921, Variable Speed Scroll Saw, has an exceptional design that makes it feature as one of the best scroll saw for woodworking. It has the verge of accepting the cutting blades from two different directions, including 90-degrees and standard. Therefore, facilitating the cutting capacity of the machine to infinity.

What kind of warranty do I need for a scroll saw?

Warranty: When you are purchasing a woodworking tool, it is good to find a product with a good warranty that will cover damage or defects period. Longer is of course better. All right, time for the scroll saw reviews! If you’re short on time, take a look at the premium top pick and the very affordable budget pick.


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