How to Use sierra circular ridgid

What kind of tools do you use with Ridgid?

RIDGID® Utility & Electricians Tools blend innovation with efficiency to make quick work of cutting wire, crimping lugs and knockout punching boxes. RIDGID® general purpose tools, ranging from anvils to vises, offer the same level of ruggedness and reliability you have come to expect of the RIDGID brand.

What to use to secure geogrids on Sierra slope?

• Fill can be placed and spread directly upon the geogrids with rubber tired equipment (Figure 6). Keep speeds slow and avoid turns and stops on the geogrids. If needed, the geogrids can be secured into place to prevent movement during fillplacement. Use pins, staples, sandbags, small piles of soil, etc. as anchors.

Who is the owner of Ridgid power tools?

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What makes the Sierra slope retention system so good?

TENSAR®GEOGRIDS The Sierra System owes its strength and durability to Tensar Uniaxial (UX)Geogrids, Tensar International Corporation’s patented reinforcement geogrids. Due to their stiff interlocking capabilities, these geogrids stand the test of time, performing better than other commercially available geosynthetics.


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