How to Use sliding table saw

Can a table saw be used as a sled?

A table saw sled is something that I really haven’t had a need for, since my homemade table saw had a sliding table attached for cutting larger stock. For all miters and cuts less than 12″ wide, I use my sliding miter saw.

Why do you need a sliding table saw with a scoring blade?

It is set very low, just low enough to nick, or score, the bottom surface of the material being cut. It counter-rotates to ensure a clean cut on the bottom edge of the plywood – the face of the plywood is supported by the core so there is no tearout.

What's the maximum depth a sliding table saw can cut?

The maximum depth of cut that this blade can make is 3-⅛ inches at an angle of zero degrees. The motor power of this sliding table saw us 1.75HP, which is one of the most impressive things we’ve found about this model. On top of that, a 36 inches ripping ability makes it’s worth even higher.

Can you add a slider to a SawStop table?

To make these addon sliding units perform as they should, you’ll need to make sure they are level, coplanar, parallel, and square to your saw’s table, blade, and fence. Check compatibility. While most add-ons say they’ll work with the bulk of cabinet saws, SawStop’s Sliding Crosscut Table is designed only for SawStop saws.


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