how to use spiral saw to cut out electrical box

Can a spiral saw be used to cut electrical outlets?

When you use a spiral saw to cut outlets, there’s no need for precise measuring. Simply mark the approximate center of each electrical box or other opening on the face of the drywall and cut them out after the sheet is loosely attached to the framing. Before you hang the drywall, turn off the power to the electrical boxes.

Which is the best electrical box cutout saw?

The BAUER™ Single Gang Electrical Box Cutout Tool cuts a perfect hole every time. Built with a universal attachment, this blade will fit on all major oscillating multi tool brands. Unlike the standard drywall saw, this blade will not leave uneven cut marks or jagged edges; making the outlet install easy!

How do you turn on a spiral saw?

Plug the spiral saw in and turn it on. If your particular spiral saw allows a rotational speed selection, select the highest speed possible. With the tool at a forty five degree angle to the material being cut, line the guide mark up with the mark being used to guide your cut and hold the tool against the material.

What's the best way to operate a circular saw?

Disconnect power supply before adjusting or changing the blade. Allow the saw to reach full power before starting to cut. Use two hands to operate saws – one on a trigger switch and the other on a front knob handle. Keep motor free from accumulation of dust and chips. Select the correct blade for stock being cut and allow it to cut steadily.


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