How to Use sprunger bandsaw

Is it good practice to use a bandsaw?

If you're an avid woodworker, yes, especially if you want to try your hand at resawing. Band saw cuts usually leave saw marks, so it's good practice to allow extra material for smoothing the edge. Cutting on the outside edge of the line minimizes the amount of material you have to remove.

Why do you need guide rollers on a bandsaw?

Guide rollers. These roller bearing assemblies support the blade as it is engaged in cutting your material so it doesn't deflect or bind. Because the bandsaw blade is made of a thin, flexible metal, these rollers must rotate freely and be positioned correctly to prevent the blade from binding or warping during the cut.

Is the Sprunger bsw41 bandsaw made in Taiwan?

We have seen a 14" bandsaw labeled "Peerless" and "Mascotools Manufacturer Corporation", a Taiwanese company. The saw is identical to a Sprunger BSW41 bandsaw. It is a virtual certainty that the Mascotools saw was made in Taiwan.

Can a band saw be used to cut curves?

The band saw is the most accurate tool for cutting curves in wood. To use a band saw, the wood is placed on the saw table and the wood is maneuvered through the saw blade, rotating the wood to follow the desired curve line. However, a band saw can do a lot more than just cut curves.


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