How to Use stihl circular saw

What can a Stihl circular saw blade be used for?

This steel blade is ideal for cutting and clearing brush, vines and saplings and must be sharpened by a professional. For use with a brushcutter equipped with bicycle handles, double shoulder harness and limit stop. A variety of cutting heads and blades are available. See Dealer for details. Are You Ready for a STIHL? Write a Review .

What are the instructions for a Stihl cut off saw?

Contact your STIHL dealer or the STIHL distributor for your area if you do not understand any of the instructions in this Manual. Because a cut-off machine is a highspeed cutting tool, some special safety precautions must be observed as with any other cut-off machine to reduce the risk of personal injury.

Can a circular saw be used to cut wood?

Never use circular saw blades, carbide, rescue or wood cutting attach- ments or saws of any kind – these may cause fatal injuries! Instead of uniformly removing parti- cles as when cutting with a cutting wheel, the teeth of a circular saw blade may snag in the material.

Do you need training to use a Stihl saw?

Although we typically use Stihl branded saws for the practical element we can also provide training on other branded saws according to customer requirements and special requests: The courses can be adjusted to suit novice operators, experienced users and candidates requiring refresher training.


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