How to Use stihl limb saw

How long is a Stihl saw training course?

Duration: 1 day – to be included with Abrasive Wheels Regulations (The actual duration of the course is determined by the actual number and experience of the operators – from between 4 to 6 hours approx) 1. AIM To provide the theoretical and practical knowledge to safely operate Stihl Saws

How to become a Stihl chain saw dealership?

Once your business becomes an authorized Stihl chain saw and power equipment dealership, the next step is to get your employees certified by the company. Stihl's professional instruction program is only available to professional landscaping, tree service and public utility service groups.

How much does a Stihl pole saw cost?

Set Descending Direction Stihl HT-KM Pole Pruner Attachment (4182 200 0158) $199.99 Echo PPF-225 Power Pole Pruners. $399.99 Stihl HTA 85 Lithium-ion Pole Pruner. $499.99 Echo PPT-2620 Power Pole Pruners. $599.99 Stihl HT 103 Pole Pruner. $599.99 Stihl HT 131 Telescoping Pole Pruner. $649.99

Can you use a Stihl saw for the first time?

I read this as a "first time use" by an employee of a Stihl Saw. The employee must be trained. The Hire company aren't likely to provide that training. The employee must be effectivly supervised - this sounds like someone being left to their own devices. HSE best practice guidance recommends water-suppression kit AND a RPE.


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