How to Use stihl pole pruner

Can you use a pole Pruner with a Stihl pole?

STIHL® Pole Pruner Attachment turns your Stihl KombiSystem (sold separately) into an effective tool for cleaning up branches and shrubs that need trimming. This item may be purchased at select Northern Tool stores. Not available for online order at

How tall is a Stihl telescoping pole saw?

Bar, Model# HT131", "longDescription": "This professional quality STIHL® HT Series Telescoping Pole Pruner allows you to tackle low-hanging branches or higher trimming needs with comfort and ease. The extra powerful, fuel-efficient pruner has a handy pole that telescopes from 7 1/2ft. to 11 1/2ft. long to provide the reach and control you need.

When do pole Pruner attachments go on sale?

A long-reach Pole Pruner attachment for pruning, trimming and cutting high branches in commercial arboricultural applications. *Prices are valid from the 01/06/2021 to 31/08/2021.

How does a gas operated pole Pruner work?

Operating a Pole Pruner Gas-operated pole pruners are primarily used to put high trimming jobs within reach, giving you the power and precision to trim branches down to size. These saws either have a disconnecting drive tube or "pole" or one that can extend from within the tube.


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