How to Use stihl pole saw prices

What can I do with a Stihl Chainsaw?

No matter the task at hand we have the right chainsaw for you and your needs. In addition to an array of chainsaws, we also have a large range of chainsaw accessories and tools for maintenance such as chain loops, guide bars, reels, filing tools, storage cases, filling systems, depth gauges, fuels, oils, cleaning solutions and more.

Can a cordless pole saw be used with a chainsaw?

But there’s an easy solution to help you get your branches cut before they fall down on their own.A cordless pole saw is a simple tool equipped with a chainsaw, allowing the user to cut off tree limbs while standing on the ground at a safe distance away from the saw chains.

What should I know before using a Stihl pole Pruner?

To receive maximum performance and satisfaction from your STIHL pole pruner, it is important that you read, understand and follow the safety precautions and the operating and maintenance instructions in chapter "Safety Precautions and Working Techniques" before using your pole pruner.

How big does a Stihl pole saw get?

Stihl KM90R With Edger N Pole Pruner / Saw Attachment. In Good Running Condition 6 ft pole lopper/saw extends and locks to lengths up to12 feet. Light extendable fibreglass pole , works well, saw could use some steel wool attention to polish up otherwise good to go. Massive savings off retail with tax.


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