How to Use sun joe pole saw

Why does a pole saw need to be lubricated?

This oil removes all friction and allows the chain to slide around the bar easily. However, a well-lubricated pole saw should be capable of cutting without any problem at all. If the chain and bar are not well lubricated, gradually the friction caused. As a result, it will damage both the guide bar and the chain.

When is the best time to use a pole saw?

Most trees should be pruned in the winter, when they are dormant. However, if a limb appears dangerous, it should be removed immediately. Electric tools are often compared negatively to their gas-powered counterparts in terms of power output. But that discrepancy matters little here, because the demands on a pole saw motor are modest.

Which is the best corded electric pole saw?

1 Scotts PS45010S Our pick for the best corded-electric pole saw in 2021 is the Scotts PS45010S pole saw. ... 2 Sun Joe SWJ807E Sun Joe offer a number of corded pole saws to choose from. ... 3 Sun Joe SWJ803E The Sun Joe SWJ803E is one of the best electric pole chainsaws on the market in 2021. ... More items...

What makes a Milwaukee 4 pole pole saw so good?

Milwaukee® 4-Pole Frameless Motor: Features a robust design combined with rare-earth magnets for longer life, more power and more runtime than any brushed competitor Milwaukee® engineered Impact Mechanism: Delivers maximum application speed for Trim high branches without ever leaving the ground.

Sun Joe Electric Pole Saw | Cabela’s

Its telescoping pole lets you reach up to 15′ in the air, and the powerful 6.5A motor cuts through branches up to 7.5″ thick. This Sun Joe electric pole saw …


Use the low-kickback chain and guide bar supplied with this pole chain saw. Only use genuine Snow Joe® +. Sun Joe® replacement parts designed specifically for …


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