How to Use table band saw for sale

What to consider when buying a band saw?

The two main things to consider when choosing a band saw are the depth of cut and the throat. The saw's depth of cut is the distance from the table to the upper blade guides.

What kind of cutting tool is a band saw?

A band saw is an electrically-powered saw that uses a thin straight blade to cut almost any shape you can imagine. It allows for curved-shaped cuts as well as straight and angular cuts. You can use your band saw as a versatile cutting tool to saw intricate cuts in a range of material types.

Where does the blade of a band saw come from?

While the blade is continuously moving, only a small part of it is exposed in the cutting area. The blade comes up through the flat surface of the table, which is where the workpiece is moved into the saw to create cuts.

What kind of band saw do I need at Lowes?

Stationary band saws come in different table widths, lengths, tilt ranges and blade sizes. Lowe's stocks specialized models such as a metal band saw for metal work or a horizontal band saw for making repeated straight cuts. If you're cutting thinner material or making sharp curves, you'll want to use a narrower blade with smaller, finer teeth.


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