How to Use telescopic electric pole chain saw

Can a telescopic pole saw be used as a chainsaw?

PARKSIDE 20V CORDLESS CHAIN SAW - WITH 4Ah the chainsaw part can be removed from the pole to be used as a normal chainsaw. oil tank capacity and oil level window. White moss petrol 4m telescopic pole saw.

How big of a branch can I cut with an electric pole saw?

Eight amp machines can tackle softwood branches several inches across. Four or five-inch branches are a breeze, even with hardwood trees. The 'guide bar', the plate of steel that the chain spins around, is a rough guide to the size of branches the saw can cut.

Which is better a chainsaw or an electric pole?

Although an electric pole and a manual chainsaw are both great devices for cutting high branches, the latter seems to drain out your energy more as you need a ladder to reach those branches. In contrast, the electric ones will clear up more trees quickly. Make sure you know for certain the assembly order and function of the equipment segments.

When is the best time to use a pole saw?

Here’s how to be as safe as possible while using your pole saw: Make sure the chain has been properly oiled before each cut. Only cut during the day when it’s easier to see. Don’t use your pole saw in rainy or wet conditions, especially if you have an electric pole saw. Cut one branch at a time. Never try to cut to branches in the same pass.


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