How to Use telescopic pole saw

How to operate a pole saw in Australia?

3.4 Operate pole saw in line with safety regulations, adjusting technique in response to condition of the tree. 3.5 Diagnose unexpected characteristics of a tree during trimming operations and review tree assessment if required. 3.6 Complete cutting once initiated, to minimise splitting.

Can a manual pole saw be used for tree trimming?

A manual pole saw is a tree trimming tool consisting of a saw attached to the end of a long pole. This tool allows you to trim or prune tree limbs without the need for a ladder. Typically, a manual pole saw is perfect for small gardens with few trees, whereas a powered pole saw is a better option for larger gardens with lots of trees.

How big does a telescopic pole saw get?

This telescopic pole saw has a reach of 5m and a performance that surpasses its petrol equivalents. Its lightweight design, excellent ergonomics and quiet operation makes this professional pole saw ideal to use in any location at any time of day.

Which is the best pole saw to use?

DocaPole 6-24-inch Saw – the best tree trimmer! The DocaPole telescopic pole saw can become an irreplaceable gardening tool if you need to prune lightweight vines, branches and foliage from time to time. It can be equipped with other attachments – a standard threaded tip is good for this.


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