How to Use thin kerf saw blade

What does kerf mean on a saw blade?

Kerf is the amount of material that is removed during a cut. That is always equal to the width of the blade. Thin Kerf or Full Kerf? Thin kerf cut on left, full kerf cut on right. Notice the difference in sizes. Saw blades generally fall into two categories- full kerf (FK) and thin kerf (TK).

What's the thickness of a kerf saw splitter?

splitter thickness. It was the blade body thickness plus .2mm and this of course was less than the kerf. The most common thickness for blades 250 to 315 is a 2.2mm body with 3.2mm kerf cut. The 2.4mm thickness splitter works here. The larger 350mm blades mostly have a 3.5mm kerf and a 2.5mm blade body.

What's the difference between a standard kerf and a thin kerf?

Recently, Forrest sent me a thin kerf version of their workhorse combination blade, the Woodworker II. The standard WWII has 1/8" thick teeth, while the new thin kerf WWII has 3/32" teeth. The result is that a thin kerf blade will give you a 25% narrower kerf than a standard blade.

When to use a thin kerf blade for ripping wood?

When to Use a Thin Kerf Blade Use a thin kerf blade for projects that require a lot of thin-strip ripping. Because thin kerf blades are less wasteful, it leads to greater material and cost savings. You can buy the minimum amount of wood needed for your project and expect it to last.


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