how to use tree falling guide on saw

How do you get a tree to fall with a chainsaw?

Saw until the chainsaw bar is parallel with the directional notch on the other side of the tree. You may need to hammer the felling wedge into place to get the tree to fall. Sometimes more than one wedge is required. Use a breaker bar to work the tree until it begins to fall. As with felling a small tree, watch and retreat.

Can a journey level Faller use a chainsaw?

● Journey Level Faller - A chainsaw operator who performs tree falling operations at an advanced level. The Journey Level Faller may fall any tree after careful consideration of the tree’s complexity, provided it does NOT have a valued target and the diameter (DBH) of the trees does NOT exceed the 1.5 times the (chainsaw) bar length.

What to do if a tree falls on a tree cutter?

Examine the tree for loose, dead limbs. Loose limbs that fall onto the tree cutter are a common cause of serious injuries and fatalities. Remove loose limbs before felling, if possible. If that’s not possible, fell the tree from a position where the limbs could not strike you if dislodged.

Do you have to wear safety equipment when felling a tree?

Even if the tree you’re felling isn’t exceptionally large, don’t take the risk of foregoing safety gear. While chances are you won’t have any problems, safety should always be the top priority. You should wear: DO choose the right equipment.


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