How to Use tree saw pole

How to operate a pole saw in Australia?

3.4 Operate pole saw in line with safety regulations, adjusting technique in response to condition of the tree. 3.5 Diagnose unexpected characteristics of a tree during trimming operations and review tree assessment if required. 3.6 Complete cutting once initiated, to minimise splitting.

How to use a pole saw to cut a tree?

How to Use a Pole Saw. 1 1. Clear the Work Area. The area where you’ll be standing to remove tree branches or limbs should be clear of people and property that could get ... 2 2. Plan Where You Need to Cut. 3 3. Cut the Lower Branches First. 4 4. Position Yourself Correctly. 5 5. Adjust the Pole Saw Length. More items

What can I do with a treetec chainsaw?

The Treetec chainsaw training course is suitable for anybody engaged in chainsaw use: tree contracting, personal use, council workers, Parks management, workplace supervisors, agriculture, firewood collection, landscaping, ecology, SES, CFA, 4WD enthusiasts……

Why do you need a manual pole saw?

Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating. A manual pole saw (pole pruner or tree pruner) is a quite versatile and multi-purpose tool. It is used for cutting and trimming the twigs and branches of small-to-medium size. The main reason to use a manual pole saw is to have control over the trimming process.


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