How to Use types of miter saws

What kind of work can a miter saw do?

If you do any type of trim work, the miter saw might be your most-used power tool. That said, miter saws are invaluable for making other types of cross cuts as well—end cuts on hardwood flooring strips, for instance, or angle cuts on roof rafters.

How is a board cut on a miter saw?

With a board flat on the base of a miter saw, any angled cut across the wide face counts as a “miter” on any miter saw. Turn the board on its edge, place it against the fence, and you’ll cut a “bevel.” Most saws cut from 90 to 45 degrees in both directions, and some saws can cut up to 55-degree angles.

What's the correct angle for a standard miter saw?

Standard miter saw: The basic, standard miter saw will make a perpendicular cut through a board or other material at angles typically ranging from 45 degrees left (counterclockwise) to 45 degrees right (clockwise). An angle scale and locking device keep the blade correctly aligned.

How do you make a bevel cut with a miter saw?

Pull trigger from the upper position and lower the handle to complete the cut. For a bevel cut using a compound miter saw: Place the marked board face-up, or flat, onto the saw base and its edge pushed against the fence. Adjust the bevel gauge at the rear of the saw and tilt the blade to the correct angle.


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