How to Use wirecutter pole saw

How do you cut with a pole saw?

Using both hands, move your pole saw to the branch you need to cut. Stop there for a moment and make sure you have control over the weight of the pole saw. Once you feel comfortable and in control, move the pole saw blade so that it’s resting on the weight of the branch. But don’t start cutting just yet. 7. Starting the Cut

When is the best time to use a pole saw?

Here’s how to be as safe as possible while using your pole saw: Make sure the chain has been properly oiled before each cut. Only cut during the day when it’s easier to see. Don’t use your pole saw in rainy or wet conditions, especially if you have an electric pole saw. Cut one branch at a time. Never try to cut to branches in the same pass.

How to properly operate a pole saw-training for trees?

A nationally recognised statement of attainment such as FPICOT3238B Operate a Pole Saw is one of the ways to document that approved training and assessment has been carried out. We recommend the unit AHCPGD203A Prune Shrubs and Small Trees is carried out in conjunction with the pole saw unit, as a minimum.

How to protect yourself from a pole saw?

You can use earplugs to protect yourself from loud pole saw noise. Consider the branch size you are planning to cut. If the branches are thicker than 9 inches, then leave it for a professional. There is no shame to take professional help as cutting those branches by yourself is dangerous.


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