How to Use wood bandsaw blades

What kind of blade do I need for a wood cutting bandsaw?

Our wood cutting bandsaw blades are made from high quality steel to ensure sharpness and durability. They can also can be used for general purpose applications such as cutting low alloy steel , non-ferrous metals and plastics. Available in 4 | 6 | 10 | 14 | 18 | 32 teeth per inch.

Do you have to sharpen the edges of a bandsaw?

When you are sharpening any tool, bandsaw blades, circular blades, even axe blades, it is important to try and maintain the integrity of the blades original edges without changing the angles or geometry.

What do you use a band saw for?

When I first made my homemade band saw, the idea was that it would primarily be used for resawing and cutting bigger parts out roughly. I made the blade guides from pieces of UHMW plastic, since I found that works great for the wide blades I would be using.

What should the tension be on a band saw?

Once the blade is relatively centered, then you increase the tension on the blade until that tension is correct. The correct tension on a band saw blade should be that using a single finger to move the blade slightly sideways without making your finger turn white. In other words, not pressing too hard.


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