How to Use worx jigsaw

Can a Worx wx543 be used as a jigsaw?

The WORX WX543 is part of the WORX Power share platform allowing you to interchange your 20V batteries with any WORX 20V tool - across the garden and power tool ranges. The WORX WX543 20V is a lightweight, cordless, Lithium-Ion powered jigsaw which is perfect for small to medium sized DIY projects.

What kind of work can you do with a jigsaw?

A jigsaw is a versatile and easy-to-use power tool that allows DIYers and professionals alike to make straight or intricate curved cuts for craft projects or other woodworking tasks.

What kind of batteries do Worx jigsaws use?

Most Worx jigsaws are based on our 20V PowerShare platform, which allows you to swap and use our rechargeable batteries on any Worx device, whether it’s our power tools or gardening tools.

How does the WORX axis reciprocating saw work?

The WORX 20v axis combines the precision and control of a jigsaw with the power and aggressiveness of a reciprocating saw into one compact, easy-to-use cutting machine. The axis has a pivoting head that allows you to instantly convert from the jigsaw to the reciprocating saw and back.


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