How to Use xr circular saw

Where do you put the X on a circular saw?

Finally, put an “X” on the “scrap” side of the board; that's the side of the line you want to cut along. Cutting on the wrong side of your line can make a 1/8-in. difference in the length of your board; sometimes this is a big deal, sometimes not.

What can a circular saw be used for?

Among these tools is an assortment of manual and power saws that allow a crafter or contractor to make a variety of woodcuts with ease. Most notable among these saws is the circular saw, a versatile power saw that can be used for making a variety of straight rip and plunge cuts – even of narrow boards – in a matter of seconds.

Is the dcs391 circular saw a good tool?

There’s plenty of good points to make about the DeWalt DCS391 though! First, when speed isn’t critical, you can count on being able to make cuts that are smooth, straight, and accurate even without a fence to guide you. The saw feels very stable through each cut. The 16 tooth stock framing blade is definitely adequate for most user’s needs.

How many cross cuts can a DeWalt circular saw make?

For the 6-1/2″ blades, the DeWalt was our saw of choice. Following the speed test, I also slowed down the cut to see how stable, clean, and smooth the cut could be. In the speed test, I made 5 cross cuts in an average of 23.37 seconds using the stock blade that were surprisingly accurate.


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