How to Use xsl06pt

What do you need to know about XSLT?

What is XSLT. XSLT, Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations, provides the ability to transform XML data from one format to another automatically. An XSLT stylesheet is used to define the transformation rules to be applied on the target XML document.

What kind of motor does the Makita xsl06pt use?

The Xsl06 has an efficient BL™ Brushless motor that delivers up to 4, 400 RPM for fast and efficient cutting, with automatic speed Change™ technology to adjust cutting speed and torque under load for optimum performance.

What kind of sliding system does the xsl06 have?

The XSL06 has a unique 2-steel rail sliding system design that offers single slide-glide operation for smooth and dead-on accurate cutting right out of the box, as well as a reduced overall footprint that allows the saw to be positioned flush against a wall.

How is the output of XSLT generated by the processor?

XSLT Processor takes the XSLT stylesheet and applies the transformation rules on the target XML document and then it generates a formatted document in the form of XML, HTML, or text format. This formatted document is then utilized by XSLT formatter to generate the actual output which is to be displayed to the end-user. Independent of programming.


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