Makita LS1016L 10” Miter Saw

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One thing you can count on from the Makita brand is the durability of their products without sacrificing performance or convenience. The LS1016L is a blend of all of that and another great addition to Makita’s growing power tool catalog.

This is another miter saw model that is designed for all experience levels. However, if you are already working in a professional environment, you will find that this saw is well suited to your needs.

Visibility and accuracy are two terms that sum up this model, and I’ve explained why with the features and specs listed below.

This feature is a very welcome addition to a miter saw – especially one that is in the 10-inch class. This feature gives you the ability to make more cuts with this miter saw, with a capacity of 4-2/4″ on the sliding fence system.

These four rails can be adjusted to the wood you’re working with – for precise miter and bevel cuts at a variety of angles. An added note for this saw is that you get an extra 2″ of clearance when working at 90° angles – almost like using a larger saw, at a lower price.

  • 3200 RPM, 15 amp motor with no load motor
  • Increased vertical cutting capacity with the retractable guard system
  • Promotes visibility and accuracy with cuts, thanks to  the dual front bevel scales
  • See through guard system, allowing you to see your line of cut and blade
  • Laser guidance system is another addition to an already precise saw

What’s Included?

  • 1 x Makita LS1016L miter saw
  • 1 x 10″ 40T miter saw blade
  • 1 x Triangle rule for miter saws
  • 1 x Vertical vise
  • 1 x Dust bag
  • 1 x Extension wing
  • 1 x Box wrench

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