Makita XAG13Z1 18V LXT 9-Inch Angle Grinder

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So far, every model featured in this review has had a cut-off wheel of 5 inches or less. This Makita offers a cut-off wheel diameter of 9 inches, effectively doubling the depth of cut of this tool.

If you are working with large stones or cutting through masonry to create an opening, this is the angle grinder for you. Like other Makita tools, this model has the same auto-stop feature that cuts power to the saw blade if it gets jammed.

You also get the same speed sensor that automatically adjusts the speed at which this grinder drives the wheel. This feature is very handy because it takes the guesswork out of cutting heavy material.

The brushless motor delivers 6,000 rpm, and the Star Computer Protection reduces the risk of overload and over-discharge. As with other Makita models, the batteries and charger are supplied separately, so there is an additional cost.

Why we love it

9-Inch Cutting Depth
This angle grinder is the best industrial-size model for when you need extra cutting depth. At 9 inches, it’s the ideal tool for tackling heavy-duty tasks.
Intelligent Technology
Makita has packed this tool with loads of smart technology. You get auto-stop when the wheel jams and an automatic speed adjuster to cater to different materials without thinking about it.
Soft Start
Because this is such a large angle grinder, having a soft start function is ideal for reducing the impact of sudden starts, especially when you are cutting through the toughest material. It protects the device and the cutting wheel, as well as your arms and wrists.

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