plans on how to use 16 inch.electric chain saw as miter saw

How big does a miter saw need to be?

It can cut through a 4 x 4 and uses the same blades as a table saw. This is the most practical size for homeowners: It's a hefty, full-size miter saw with good cutting capacity but is compact and light enough to be moved around as needed. A 12-inch saw can cut to a depth of almost 4 1/2 inches.

What kind of cut does a compound miter saw make?

A compound cut consists of two angled cuts ( miter and bevel angled cuts ). Compound miter saws can tilt the head and blade of your miter saw with respect to the workpiece. Compound saws are useful when building a box with slanted sides.

How do you turn on an electric miter saw?

Hold the equipment’s handle firmly and press the power trigger. This trigger will then power your saw motor and thus will make the blade rotate. Step 4: Push the handle down to cut the substance on the saw table and clamped against the fence. Step 5: Disengage the blade by pulling the handle up and letting go of the power trigger

Which is better a power miter saw or a manual backsaw?

Smoother cuts. Most DIYers equip power miter saws with general-purpose blades suitable for cutting all types of lumber, including framing lumber. These blades cut fast but they cut roughly. A manual backsaw, on the other hand, has fine teeth that are excellent for cutting fine moldings without chipping or roughness.


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