Ryobi P421 18V One+ Cordless Angle Grinder

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This Ryobi uses a brushed motor, which means you can pick it up for much less than some brushless models. It has a side handle for better control or grip and a rubberized, notched handle for a more comfortable experience.

Changing discs is quick, thanks to the built-in pin wrench that speeds up the process. All you have to do is loosen it with the included wrench and you’re ready to get to work.

It’s an 18-volt unit with a 4.5-inch grinding wheel, and the battery (not included) is part of Ryobi’s One+ series, where the battery is interchangeable with the entire compatible series. The downside to this is that the battery and charger are not included, sold separately.

Why we love it

Great Price
This is the winner of our budget award. Brushed motors are cheaper than brushless models, so if you are shopping on a budget, this could be the model for you.
Side Handle
The auxiliary side handle gives you increased grip and control, which helps when you need to tackle concrete and tiles, or any other robust material for that matter.
Rubberized Handle
When you use these tools for prolonged periods, they can become uncomfortable to grip. This model has a rubberized handle to absorb most vibrations and pressure, reducing hand and wrist fatigue.



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