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How to create an effective online training video?

Take stock of your online assets and gather a few online training video candidates. Then create specific criteria to evaluate each online training video. For instance, the online training video must align with your goals, have a high production value, and feature the key takeaways.

Are there any free courses for YouTube marketing?

4. Free Video & YouTube Marketing Courses Online (Skillshare) These classes on video marketing will help you to learn the skills to take the first steps as a vlogger. Learn to write, film and create engaging content for your videos along with tips and advice from the instructors. The lectures have been designed to be concise and time efficient.

What kind of video does the Great Courses use?

We offer The Great Courses on DVD, CD, Instant Video (compatible with both iTunes and Windows Media Player), Instant Audio (both mp3 and mpeg4), and Transcript Book. Our DVD, CD, Instant Video, and Instant Audio formats provide you with the highest quality video and audio.

How many interactions in an online training video?

But before you upload it to your Learning Management System or site you need to add the interactions. The number of interactions you include is based on the length of your online training video. For instance, a 10-minute video should have no more than 4 or 5 interactions. However, a microlearning online training video should have just 1 or 2.


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