what can you use a pole saw for

Which is the best way to use a pole saw?

Clean up your work area. Clear the fallen limb out of your work area before beginning the next cut, so that it does not trip you up. In most cuts, the blade starts from the top side of the branch. When making a jump cut, the blade will cut from underneath the branch. This will be much more physically taxing cut since you work against gravity.

How do you cut a tree with a pole saw?

With both hands, bring your pole saw to a vertical position and pause there to control its weight. Now, reposition the saw to your cutting spot, with its weight resting on the branch (unless you are making a jump cut). Position yourself.

What should I wear to a pole saw training?

Wear the correct PPE: head, ear and eye protection; gloves (anti-vibration if possible); non-snag outer clothing; steel-capped boots with a heavy tread pattern on the sole for grip; chainsaw chaps or pants

How tall can a pole saw be on a golf course?

Reach branches up to 32 feet high without ever climbing a ladder! This pole saw is used at hundreds of golf courses, theme parks, and landscape companies around the country. This pole saw can telescope has an 8' smooth fiberglass handle, two internal aluminum extension tubes, and a quick, heavy-duty locking system.

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