what chain saw size do the pros use

How big of a Saw do you need for a chainsaw?

Professional chainsaws are mainly for people who use a chainsaw every day, usually in the process of a regular work routine. If you depend upon a chainsaw for your livelihood, this is the tool for you. Most professional saws will range from 60 cc-sized engines on up to more than 120 ccs.

What should I look for in a Professional chainsaw?

When shopping for a professional chainsaw, you need to evaluate the power of the engine. The tool’s power output is measured in cc. The higher the cc, the more powerful the chainsaw is going to be. Generally, a chainsaw that’s going to be used for professional work should offer somewhere between 35 and 80cc’s of power.

How many passes does a chainsaw need to cut?

If you are going to be cutting a smaller piece of wood, then you will be able to cut through it with one pass of the chainsaw. If it is a thick piece of wood, and you are using a chainsaw with a smaller sized guide bar, you may have to cut it using two passes. An overview of guide bar lengths

Which is the best all around chainsaw to buy?

We have tested the best chainsaws available and after hours of sawing, cutting and detailed discussions, we consider the Husqvarna 135 as the best all around chainsaw of 2021. It is a relatively compact chainsaw, which at the same time has a lot of power and top build quality.


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