what do you use a circular saw on

What's the best thing about using a circular saw?

One of the good things about using a circular saw is that you can angle the blade to make bevel cuts. However, one issue is that the blade guard can catch on the wood as you start your cut. To prevent this from happening, hold the blade guard up until you get an inch or two into the cut.

What is the angle of a circular saw?

The base of the circular saw, called the shoe, rests on top of the material being cut. For a regular straight cut, the shoe and the blade are at a 90-degree angle. The angle of the shoe can be adjusted so that body and blade of the saw are tilted to make a bevel cut through material.

How do you set a blade on a circular saw?

Attach the appropriate blade to the saw. Set the blade depth 1/4-inch below the material you are cutting. Confirm the bevel angle. Plug the saw’s cord into a power source or attach its battery. Rest the saw shoe on the edge of the material and near the cutting line. Lift the blade guard.

How to make a rip cut with a circular saw?

You just need to follow the correct techniques for making rip cuts with a cordless or corded circular saw. The first tip for making a rip cut is to secure the board by tacking it to your clamping sawhorses. Once you have the board secure and marked, you can then use your finger to guide the saw straight through the cut.


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