what do you use a portable band saw for

What can you cut with a portable band saw?

A band saw is typically used for cutting metal or wood and you change the blade to suit the material. You’ll typically find that using a portable band saw will result in a cleaner and squarer cut than would a reciprocating saw.

Why do you need a guide on a band saw?

You need to position the upper guide vertically at the correct position relative to the material that you’re cutting. The idea is to get the guide assembly as close to the wood as you can without interfering with the cut. This helps the cut because it restricts the band saw blade from deflecting to the left or to the right too much.

Which is the best band saw on the market?

“An automatic shut off feature; cuts both horizontally and vertically.” “Portable band saw, has a powerful motor and capable of doing a big variety of cuts.” “14 inch square table, 1725 RPM and has a cutting capacity of 13-1/2-Inch.” “Easy to use and very handy; has a powerful motor and a LED sight light.”

What makes a good band saw blade for carpenters?

They are good at quickly cutting through soft material. It also means that the blade will make larger cuts. However, the lower number of teeth means that the blade is unable to make the sort of accurate, precise cuts that a lot of woodworkers, carpenters, etc., need to be able to make.


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