what gas do i use for chain saw

What kind of gas do you use for a chainsaw?

1 gallon or more of 89 octane or higher ethanol-free gasoline; 3-ounce bottle or more of 2-cycle oil; Chainsaw; Step 2. Open the approved container and pour in half of the gasoline. Step 3. Pour in all of the oil necessary for your chainsaw’s 40:1 or 50:1 mixture. (Detailed charts on how to achieve these ratios are listed after the steps.)

What kind of chainsaw do i need for a chainsaw?

For tree cutting and for the use with an Alaskan mill attachment opt for a saw with at least 50cc. You can later get different sized bars and chains for the sized gas chainsaw you picked when needed.

How much oil can you put in a chainsaw?

Up to 90 percent of the oil will degrade in a matter of weeks, plus they’ll work just as well as the alternatives. A normal gas-powered chainsaw will go through roughly one tank of chainsaw oil for every tank of fuel you put in.

Whats the best way to charge a gas chainsaw?

Always charge and store the battery on your cordless chainsaw exactly as recommended. Fuel your gas chainsaw with the type and amount of fuel required. Safety: Before performing any cleaning or maintenance on your chainsaw, make sure it is turned off and completely disconnected from power.


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