what hand saw to use to cut down trees

What kind of Saw do you use to cut trees?

Expensive. This Silky curved blade pruning saw is one of a range of professional tree cutting tools. It has the versatility of being both a hand and a pole saw and will make short work of the vast majority of tree-pruning jobs.

Can a reciprocating saw be used to trim trees?

My Rigid Reciprocating Saw with a tree trimming saw blade is my number one go-to tool whenever I am cutting off branches, trimming trees, or cutting tree roots. It works great for cutting down small trees too! I have even cut down trees up to 12 inches (30.48 cm).

When to stop cutting a tree with a chainsaw?

Once the front notch is cut, you can then make the back cut with your chainsaw. The back cut is what disconnects the tree from the stump and creates a hinge for the tree to fall. The width of the back cut should be about 10% of the diameter of the tree trunk. Stop cutting when you’re a few inches away from the notch.

Can a pole saw be used for tree pruning?

This guide covers tips and cautions for the use of saws in pruning you can reach from ground level. Long-handled pole saws for tree pruning have additional risks. Wear sturdy work gloves and possibly safety goggles if you’re in a dense shrub. Choose the exact spot to cut and a healthy cutting angle.


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