What is 10 inch compound miter saw

How much does a 10 inch compound miter saw cost?

When you can get a 10-inch sliding compound miter saw for $179—that’s something worth looking into. The 15-amp Ryobi TSS103 miter saw spins the blade at 4,600 RPM and has a 12-inch crosscut capacity. You get handy features like an LED cutline indicator and work light to illuminate your material.

When did the sliding compound miter saw come out?

Sliding miter saws have come a long way since Hitachi created the category in 1988 with its 8 1/2-inch slider. At the time, it was a trim carpenter’s dream tool. Today, carpenters can buy a dual-bevel sliding compound miter saw in a variety of blade sizes: 7 1/4-, 7 1/2-, 8 1/2-, 10-, or 12-inch.

Which is the best 10 inch compound saw?

The Ridgid R4210 is another candidate for best 10-inch sliding compound miter saw. For its size, this saw puts out serious power. During our testing the 15-amp direct-drive motor cut through pressure-treated lumber and pre-fab PVC railings like butter.

Which is the best power miter saw on Amazon?

DEWALT 145344-01 Miter Saw Blade Clamp Screw Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)… Metabo HPT C10FCG 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw, 15-Amp Motor, Single Bevel, 0-52 Degree… Bosch CM10GD Compact Miter Saw - 15 Amp Corded 10 in. Dual-Bevel Sliding Glide Miter Saw… 12 In. Dual Bevel Sliding Cruzer Miter Saw


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