What is 10 inch dado blade

How big of a dado blade do you need for a 10 " table saw?

Seems odd -- a 10" TS should be able to cut in excess of 3 inches. So an 8" dado blade would be able to do a 2" deep dado. What "won't work"?? (I see Craftsman recommends 6" dado sets for some of their 10" table saws -- would still get you a 1" deep dado. And the smaller set would probably cut cleaner.)

What makes up the blades on a dado stack?

A dado stack actually isn’t just one blade – it’s made up of two blades and spacers that go between them. The blades are for either side of the cut, and the spacers are put inside the blades to control the width of the dado cut. This makes for a super effective way to make consistently awesome and precise dado cuts.

What's the best depth to cut a dado?

Given that 1/4" as about as deep as a dado ever needs to be, you're set for a one-pass job. Set the bit's cut depth however you prefer. Two good approaches are shown here: with a small square (right) and with thickness gauge of the desired thickness (left). There's no one depth-setting technique you have to use.

Can you make a dado blade out of a sled?

Instead of making a dado blade you can instead use a sled and then move the workpiece side to side on that to enlarge the dado. Make the outer cuts first and then you have a reference for where the blade should go; the middle cuts aren't that important to get accurate.


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