What is 12 compound miter saw

Which is the best 12 inch compound miter saw?

This flagship cordless 12-inch compound sliding miter saw helped us run through cuts on trim and framing material like butter. For all its capacity and size, the tool takes is remarkably portable and compares well against its competition.

How does a compound miter saw cut wood?

There’s a circular saw on a moving arm that can cut the wood at different angles. A compound miter saw offers more cutting angles. You can tilt the head to get bevels (ramp-angle cuts) on your workpiece from the side. Dual-compound miter saws can rotate the head in both directions.

What's the difference between a compound and double bevel miter saw?

The main difference between a compound vs double bevel miter saw is that the blade head of the compound type can be tilted only to one side whereas on the latter you can pivot the blade to either left or right to cut bevels.

What kind of blade does a DeWalt compound miter saw have?

Dual-Bevel Glide Miter Saw, (1) Premium 12 In. 60-Tooth Carbide-Tipped Blade, (1) Wrench, (1) Toolless Vertical Work Clamp, (1) Dust Bag/Assembly, (1) Vacuum Adapter Elbow DeWalt packs it all into this 12-inch compound miter saw: the big blade, the double bevel, the double rail slide. Very impressive.


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