What is 4 circular saw

Can a circular saw be used to cut wood?

You have to know that the primary tool that makes the cut is the blade, not your saw. Meaning that you can use the same circular saw for cutting wood, also for cutting masonry blocks and concrete. It all depends on the material of the blade.

Which is the most important feature of a circular saw?

The blade guard is the most important safety feature of the tool because a circular saw takes time for the blade to come to a complete stop after a cut has been made. Check the blade guard is working correctly before even plugging it in. Choosing a Circular Saw Blade

How big should the blade be on a circular saw?

When preparing to make a cut, set the depth of cut so that the blade is no more than 1/4-inch below the bottom edge of the board to be cut. It makes little sense to have two-inches of saw blade exposed beneath a cut on a 1/2-inch thick sheet of plywood.

What kind of motor does a circular saw use?

The sidewinder circular saw uses a motor technically called “a spur gear” meaning that the motor is inline with the blade as you see in the picture, this delivers very strong power to the blade up to 6000 RPM. Also the sidewinder circular saw has its blade on the right side.


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