What is 4m telescopic tree pruner

How is a telescopic tree pruner used in Australia?

Telescopic Tree Pruner with extendable lightweight aluminium handle Handle Extends up to 2.5m Pulley action for cutting leverage Non stick coated blades Detachable saw blade with plastic handle Good working order

What kind of tree pruner has long reach?

The telescopic pruner (long handled secateurs) and the long reach extending pole type lopper. The search is over.. Updated for 2021 are two new long reach pruners.

Can a 4m pole saw be used for tree cutting?

Due to the nature of a fast-cutting attachment on the end of a 4m pole, the pole saw has a tendency to be a little difficult to control at full stretch. Achieving the final pruning cuts in accordance with industry- best practice, and the Australian standard for tree work, is not always possible.

How tall does a telescopic tree trimmer need to be?

The telescopic pole as an adjustable length from 1.3 to 2.4m, providing upwards of 6m in reach when accounting for the user’s height. This makes it a good choice for pruning higher branches or hedges without needing to use a ladder.


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